Sunset Farms, NC

Julian, with an engineering degree from North Carolina State University, decided in 1980 that he wanted to work full time as a farmer. He and his wife Elaine live and work on their family farm in Zebulon, NC where they are involved in several projects that are "giving back" to the environment.

The greenhouses are managed by their only daughter, Julie. Julie purchased property that adjoined the 350 acre farm and built a home there also. She also has a nursing degree as a registered nurse from Wilson, NC. However, like father like daughter, Julie doesn't like being inside and having a schedule to abide by either. She likes the farm life and enjoys working there with her family and taking care of the greenhouse vegetables, especially the tomatoes.

Julie loves producing tomatoes. She has been growing trust tomatoes since 2000 and in 2006, she began specializing in greenhouse heirloom tomatoes. This past year she began growing other crops to keep her customers happy and provide them with a fresh tasty vegetable in the winter time. She likes the fact that she is one of the few farmers that produce heirlooms in the winter months. It is a fact that you can get lots of heirlooms in the summer from field growers but to have them when she does, mainly from October until July, is very rare. She takes great pride in growing her tomatoes and produces the "best tasting tomatoes" which has led to the name "BARHAM'S BEST".