How do I sign up?
Go to and fill in your delivery and card info. Leave the rest to us!

What are the necessary steps in the ordering process?
To complete your order during the ordering period you must submit using a three step process. 'Check out' > 'Review Order' > 'Submit Order'. You will receive a confirmation number in your account after successful submission. You will also receive a confirmation email including your order number and the list of items you chose following submission as well. All three steps must be complete before we can view and process your order.

When am I able to submit my customized order each week?
Our ordering period is between Thursday starting at 6:00PM through Saturday at 11:59pm. Points will be awarded for the week and the submission process will be available to you during this time. Our order page will open at 4pm for early bird ordering for anyone that Follows Us on Facebook or Twitter .

Do my points rollover?
Yes! Any time you custom order and do not use all the extra points they will be rolled over and accumulated. And they never expire!

Can I add extra points?
Yes! To add extra points to your account please email us with the subject: ADD EXTRA POINTS. Let us know exactly how many points you need and we'll add them right away. The points will be available for use immediately. There is a charge of .54 per point.

Do I have to get weekly deliveries?
Customers are not obligated to weekly deliveries. You may place your order on hold by logging into your account and placing a hold for any week you do not wish to receive a delivery. All customers are free to cancel at any time. We ask that you contact us (through the Help option on the left of your screen) upon receipt of your last order with us and we will handle the cancellation process at that time. Any feedback that you may have is very helpful so that we can continue to improve our service for everyone.

If I place an order during an ordering period is it possible this order can roll into a different ordering period at a later date and be used for that week's delivery?
No, Customers must always place an order during the ordering period just before that week's delivery. Our system does not pull orders from previous periods and apply them to the current week's delivery.

What if I am not at home when I receive my delivery?
Most of our customers are not at home when delivery is made. We simply will leave your produce in a cooler that you leave out in a cool shady area. If you would like, you can put ice packs in it if the area gets any direct sun or is going to be extremely hot. If you are not at home, we can only guarantee produce left in a cooler. If a cooler is not available, we will leave it in the spot you tell us to, but remember to leave any leftover packaging materials and cooler out next time.

Do you guarantee your service?
Yes. We stand behind our produce and service 100%. If you are dissatisfied with anything simply contact us through the Contact page. on the left of your screen and we will do whatever we can to make it right. Because organic produce is more delicate, we can only guarantee produce left with someone home or left in a cooler.

Am I located within your delivery area?
Please see our delivery area map at Delivery Area to confirm that you are located within one of our delivery areas.

What sizes and options to you offer for your produce delivery?
We offer four different sizes:
Flyin Solo - $25 for 40 points
Just for Two - $35 for 60 points
Family of Four - $45 for 80 points
Extended Family - $55 for 100 points
Super Duper - $65 for 120 points
All Prices do include delivery.

Feel free to check out our Plans & Pricing page for a detailed description.

What is the best way to contact you with any questions or concerns?
Backyard Produce prefers that you contact us through by clicking the "contact" link to the right side of your screen or the Help option to the left of your screen. Email is an easier method to track correspondence rather than use of personal phone. If necessary we can provide a contact phone number in the event an issue or question cannot be addressed via our email helpdesk.

What is the $15.00 additional charge I received upon sign up?
There is a yearly packaging fee of $15 for the use of our boxes and other packaging materials.

There is also Food Tax charged for each delivery.

Do I have to customize my order each week?
If you do not wish to customize your box on any given week, we will send you our Variety Box containing all of our favorite picks from that week! Any week you wish to receive the standard box you do not have to do anything simply sit back and anticipate your delivery!

What if I go out of town or don't need a delivery?
You may place your deliveries on hold through your user account after you login. To do so, go to the "holds" section of your account and click on any week that you wish not to receive a delivery. Once you save the changes, your delivery will automatically hold for that week and you will not be charged or receive a delivery.

Do you accept cash or check?
We do not accept cash or check. We only accept Visa & Mastercard.