Farmer owned and operated, Good Food-Good People (GFGP) serves as a link between the agricultural community in the Blue Ridge Mountains/Piedmont area and the region’s market shoppers, fine-dining chefs, CSA sharers and local food lovers. Since its roots as a collaboration of three small vegetable farms in 1996, GFGP has blossomed to represent over 50 producers of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and mushrooms, pasture-raised frozen meats, free-range eggs, farm cheeses, breads and baked delicacies, value-added foods, natural hand crafts and lots more.

GFGP encourages sustainable, biological and organic production whenever possible. We prioritize local farms with products and practices that offer “something better”…better nutrition and taste from our truly fresh produce, grass-pastured frozen meats and eggs; better healthy and humane conditions for meat, egg and dairy animals; better soil management and pest control methods that respect natural resources; better local economies where money is circulated in our hometowns and fossil fuel use is minimized; better agricultural land use choices supported by communities that care about the security of their food source. When you purchase local farm-fresh foods from GFGP, you participate in the local farmer-consumer network that encourages positive alternatives for nourishing ourselves and our community.