**If you have customer service or account questions, please email us through our contact form.


Before joining our customer base, take the first step by checking to see if your shipping address is located within any of our delivery areas. We currently deliver local and sustainably grown produce to residents throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.


Each Thursday, the order page will open by 12pm (earlier for those who follow us on Facebook or Twitter). On Thursday afternoon our customers receive an email to inform them of our weekly offerings and the contents of the Variety Baskets for the week. Our Variety Baskets are delivered automatically and contain the most popular items. Many members choose the basket of the week option so that they can try new produce or enjoy the weekly surprise. If you would like to receive the Variety Basket of the week, just sit back and relax. We will handle the rest!

For those members wanting to pick and choose specific items, we offer the option to completely customize delivery orders. This can be done on our Order Page. The order page closes promptly at 11:59pm on Saturday nights. This allows us time to place orders with our farmers.


**Our points system allows members to pick and choose items based on the size of their family. For example, signing up for the Just for Two basket, $35 per week, will allot 60 points. With these 60 points, members can then choose the items to be delivered, according to the point value of each item.

If at any time members are out of town, they may place their deliveries on hold. To do this, active members must go to the "holds" page, check the box next to the corresponding date, and click save. Please do not email us directly to ask for a hold. By following the simple steps listed above, you will not receive a delivery or be charged for these weeks. If you must place a hold on your account after Saturday at 11:59pm you must email us to place it manually. There will be a $10 late hold fee applied to your account. Click here to put a hold on your account!

Upon becoming a member, we will immediately bill your debit/credit card for the $15 yearly membership fee, in addition to the amount of your first delivery. The packaging fee helps to cover the cost and replacement of boxes and other packaging materials. This $15 will be charged annually on the first day of the month of your sign up. Therefore, please only enter your card information when you are ready to start receiving your deliveries. In the event that payment for your subscription is declined, Backyard Produce reserves the right to charge a $10.00 late fee. If an issue does occur please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be happy to work it out with you.

Your membership will be ongoing until you elect to cancel your account with us, which you can do so by emailing us through the contact page. If at any time during your membership you are not satisfied, please contact us via email. We guarantee everything we deliver 100%, no questions asked.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday your delivery will be made to your house between 10am and 9pm. You do not need to be home to receive your delivery as the packages come insulated and with ice packs to keep your produce cool and fresh. We do suggest leaving a cooler out large enough to fit your particular box size, in the summer months to further insulate your produce.

We deliver year round.

Please save any packaging materials that come in your basket including, ice packs, water bottles, insulation, berry baskets, and clam shells. This helps us reduce our carbon footprint and packaging expenses. We will pick them up and use them again!

We are a weekly subscription service offering five different basket sizes. Flying Solo, $25, 40 points, 5-7 items. Just for Two, $35, 60 points, 7-10 items. Family of Four, $45, 80 points, 9-12 items. Extended Family, $55, 100 points, 12-15 items. Super Duper, $65, 120 points, 15-17 items. Points are used either towards our Variety Box or a customized order that you choose.

Super Duper
You will receive 120 points. This is a great choice for large families or those that can't get enough produce! Your delivery will include 15-17 items.

Extended Family
You will receive 100 points. This is a great choice for families or those that love produce! Your delivery will include 12-15 items.

Family of Four
80 points to use each week. A great option for families that cook often or those who would like to change their lifestyle and eat more produce. Usually about 9-12 items.

Just for Two
A good choice for a couple who likes to cook and eat a healthy lifestyle. 60 points will be the equivalent of 7-10 items per week.

Flying Solo
40 points for the week. This is a great option for single folks who are busy and don't have much time to shop for produce. 5-7 items per week.

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