Sunset Farms, NC

LL Urban Farms was formed by the friendship of two local families, the Loys and the Langs. The friendship that sparked the business began 10 years ago when the Loy and Lang children met at their high school.

In early 2012 Jim and Debbie Loy and Glen and Barb Lang began brainstorming the idea of a small urban sustainable farm that would focus on the year-round production of hydroponic lettuce. Their idea grew and the greenhouse went up on the newly purchased land on Holly Springs Road in Raleigh. Now, lettuce is being produced in a greenhouse using hydroponic growing methods. Exciting plans for the future are in the works for LL Urban Farms, including free-range chickens, bees, goats and pumpkin and Christmas tree sales next fall.

They currently produce 1000 head of hydroponic lettuce per week in a 1,500 square foot greenhouse built last summer. They sell lettuce as well as heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and other vegetables grown on the property. The cucumbers, peppers and heirloom tomatoes are grown outdoors using hydroponic farming processes while the garlic, onions and other vegetables will be grown in soil using organic process's.